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How do Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

Virtual phone numbers are created by connecting an existing line to a cloud-based phone number. Setting up your virtual number is easy, and everything will run automatically. Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to create local numbers and toll-free numbers anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost. This makes it simple for employees and customers to contact them. Virtual phone numbers are considered “cloud-based” because they don’t require any hardware. You can manage everything online and decide how and where to forward calls based on your business needs. This includes configuring rules based upon the availability and time of day of your customers.

Do you want to find out more? Here are some tutorials and technical information.

Canada Virtual Phone Numbers

Canada virtual phone numbers (also known as VoIP numbers) are real phone numbers that include business features. MCM’s intuitive web interface allows you to manage your number and route our voice services through existing phone systems. To learn more about virtual numbers, visit  Call Nation.

Virtual Canada Numbers available for any business need

The following are available types of Canada phone numbers:

  • Toll-Free: These numbers are professional and easy to dial. There are 7 formats available (800-833, 844-855, 855), 866,877, 888, and 888).
  • Local DID: Phone numbers with specific dial codes for each city. Your local caller ID will be displayed on outbound calls if you dial a number labeled “TrueLocal.”
  • Mobile SMS: Enabled for text messaging, just like local numbers.

What does the Canadian Phone Number look like?

Canadian mobile and landline numbers have four parts and 11 digits. Example:- 250 555 0199.

How can I call Canadian phone numbers from abroad?

If you have a Canadian phone number (mobile or fixed) with the eleven digits format, and you wish to call this number from another country, you will need to add the number for that country to the 11-digits number.

How can I call a Canadian landline number from abroad?

These steps will be followed if you get a 7-digits number for a landline without area or country codes.

  1. Enter your exit code.
  2. Enter 1 (Canada country code).
  3. Enter the area number to find it.
  4. Enter the number for your landline.
  5. Press “Call.”

For more information on call center-related solutions, visit Ajoxi. We provide services for virtual numbers in the US in many areas, such as 204 area code and 205 area code with +25 Cloud features.

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